PLATESDÉGUSTATION OF OILS, SALT AND BREAD, Oils, bread and saltprice 3.50€from the henhouse right to the dish;FRESH EGG,mayonnaise, tuna, roasted peppers, anchoviesprice 12.80€recalling the modernist mosaic;VEGETABLE TERRINE,carrots, spinachs, red pepper, aubergine, green peas, asparagus, flowersprice 14.00€to eat whole and with fingers;VEGETABLES IN A CHARCOAL TEMPURA AND ROMESCO,spring onion, garlic shoots, aspargusprice 11.00€from the garden;MARINATED VEGETABLES,red cabbage, purple potatoes, volcanic potatoesprice 16.00€made of fresh pasta;CANNELLONI,roast meat, bechamelprice 18.00€one product and two textures;COD BRANDADE,pil-pil, spinach, muscat grapes, raisins, pine nutsprice 21.00€from the farm;ROASTED CHICKEN,plums, onionsprice 20.00€light and color;CARROT SUN,burnt sugarprice 6.50€contrasts and colors;BEETROOT,cream, frozen yogurtprice 8.00€inspired by the nature;LANDSCAPE,carob, ratafia, buckwheatprice 11.00€